Sweaters in autumn: the Crash Bamboo story

Some things just make sense. Crash Bamboo may not be as traditional a pairing, but listening to Ambre McLean and Preetam Sengupta together can feel like you’re wearing a sweater – a cozy, sit by the fire with a hot beverage kind of sweater…with some outlandish design on it because that’s just fun.

Sweaters are more Preetam’s thing. Music is Ambre’s. An accomplished and award-winning singer-songwriter, this foray into band-dom came as a result of songs she had written that didn’t fit on her new solo record. After singing with Preetam during a showcase of his own solo work, and at the insistence of Ambre’s husband, the two decided a musical partnership might be just the ticket to give some of those songs a path to people’s ears, along with other songs that each could contribute.

Minimal instruments, meaningful lyrics, sweet harmonies, and a comfort in playful stage banter have these two poised for a quietly significant debut.